It’s All in the Wrist

We at Mobile Mind regularly receive news via email and social media touting this or that latest and greatest cutting edge mobile device.  We usually dismiss these announcements as publicity stunts, propaganda or spam but one device in particular caught our attention this month.

Neptune Pine smartwatchThe “Pine” claims to be an all-in-one smartwatch with the functionality of a full-size Android smartphone.  It is the creation of Canadian company Neptune Computers that managed to gather over eight times their initial pledge goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter at the end of 2013.  Unlike current Bluetooth-tethered smartwatches, the Neptune Pine is described as an “independent smartwatch” featuring voice calls, video chat, GPS, a full keyboard and dual cameras.  It can also be paired with a belt clip, helmet mount or pulse counter for extended functionality.  For all the technical details and a chance to pre-order before the March 2014 release be sure to visit the Neptune Pine website.  Also be sure to check out this site to see a couple of interesting videos and a neat smartwatch comparison chart.

So, is it just a fad or is it a glimpse of things to come?  We’d like to think the latter.  We’ll be sure to post additional mobile “curiosities” that catch our attention and this year promises to be full of them.