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University of North GeorgiaWe love Dahlonega, Lumpkin County and north Georgia and are eager to support our community in any way possible.   That includes providing Mobile Mind technologies for local groups and organizations utilizing local talent and resources in their development.   The demand for mobile apps continues to grow, not just globally but in our local community.  But until recently, finding skilled and educated individuals in the local community to help us build these applications has been extremely difficult.  However, that is about to change.

Thanks to Dr. Bryson Payne, Department Head of Computer Science & Information Systems at the University of North Georgia, the university is now offering a Mobile Application Development course beginning with this spring semester.  This course was initiated and developed by Dr. Payne who also teaches it.  In the course students are learning to develop mobile device applications for both Android and iOS devices, from simple games to advanced camera and sensor applications.  In the class they’re learning native Java and Objective-C for the Android and iPhone platforms, along with cross-platform development tools, by building games in both languages.  In addition, through service learning projects, the students get the opportunity to apply what they’re learning to solve a problem in the community, or to build their own app for sale in Google Play and the App Store. But this class is only the beginning!  Starting with this year’s fall semester in August the university will begin offering a Minor Degree in Mobile Application Development, the first university in north Georgia to offer such a degree!  This minor will provide students with both mobile and web application development expertise, for building complex client-and-server applications from a photo sharing app to the next Facebook or Twitter!

Mobile Mind is proud to be a community partner with the University of North Georgia.  We look forward to providing internship and local service learning opportunities for students enrolled in UNG’s mobile application development curriculum.  These opportunities will provide students with real-world experience in the mobile application industry using the same tools and skills they utilize in their daily coursework.   As members of the Mobile Mind team, students will have the opportunity to work with the local community and publish apps on a global scale.  And with our convenient office location less than a two minute walk from the university campus, they will never have to worry about being late for a meeting.

We at Mobile Mind would like to thank Dr. Payne and the University of North Georgia for the chance to work with them to expand the potential of their future graduates and to embrace the future in mobile technology.  We look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship!