Zen and the Art of QR Code Visualization

Mobile Mind TechnologiesQR codes, those mainly white boxes full of little black squares, can be found everywhere. They have become almost ubiquitous to not only the IT landscape but the physical landscape around us.  We here at Mobile Mind love QR codes (we even have them on our business cards) but we can understand if some people think they may becoming abused.  There are certainly many examples of QR codes that are “misplaced” for lack of a better term.

However, with proper and creative use QR codes can increase a business’s customer base and sales and interest in the QR code itself.  Innovative use of QR codes can also increase the value of businesses’ products and services for their customers while expanding their customers’ experiences with those products and services.

Custom QR code

But despite their usefulness and our love for them, those white boxes full of little black squares can become…boring, especially when you see them everywhere and every day.  There are however many interesting and artistic displays of QR code that definitely give the viewer a break from the ordinary.  There are even web applications that generate QR codes in a wide variety of colors, shapes and patterns to help businesses decorate the landscape with their own unique styles!